For those of you who need information regarding civil society organizations (CSOs) that focus on education and literacy development, below we will discuss a brief profile of the Indonesian Education and Literacy Development Foundation or BALIN Indonesia Foundation for short.

The foundation, which was born on December 12 2022, was founded by an Indonesian education and literacy activist, Abdul Firman, S.Pd., M.Si.

For the implementation of organizational operations, the BALIN Indonesia Foundation appointed Syahrial Syahputra, M.Kom as Executive Director through Decree Number: 005/BP-BALIN/SK/II/2023 dated February 9 2023.

This foundation is headquartered on Jl. Gunung Leuser Griya Prima Housing Complex BP-7 Block H No. 213 Tanjung Marulak Village, Rambutan District, Tebing Tinggi City, North Sumatra Province.

BALIN Indonesia Foundation Logo

This foundation, which focuses on developing education and literacy, has the following objectives:

First, developing society as a whole in order to increase human resources in order to achieve a just and prosperous society based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

Second, assisting the government in the educational and social fields, forming people with noble character, noble character, trying to make the life of the nation intelligent and disseminating knowledge.

Third, realizing an advanced, modern, competitive and independent Indonesian society through the development of education and literacy.

To achieve this goal, the BALIN Indonesia Foundation organizes various programs, including carrying out activities aimed at increasing people’s knowledge, intelligence and skills through workshops, seminars and training.

Furthermore, establishing cooperation with donor institutions both domestic and foreign in the context of developing and improving Indonesian education and literacy.

This foundation also gives awards (gifts) to individuals and institutions that are deemed to care about the development of education and literacy.

The BALIN Indonesia Foundation is fronted by professional activists who have integrity and extensive experience in the field of education and literacy development in Indonesia.

The BALIN Indonesia Foundation is legally registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with Number AHU-0002268.AH.01.04.Year 2023 Dated 9 February 2023 with Notarial Deed Aznurli, SH., SpN Number 30 Dated 31 January 2023.